*BC IMPORTED 100% NUG RUN* Secret Cookies Top Shelf Shatter


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I hope you don’t expect to find out the lineage of Secret Cookies, because what kind of secret would that be? Seed Junky Genetics, who gave us GSC, once again created a masterpiece! A masterpiece for cultivators that is! The insane, mammoth-sized buds from Secret Cookies can only mean that Kush Mints #11 is one of the parents. Who the other parent is will have to remain a mystery…because we don’t know the secret either.


The robust buds are made up of olive-green and light-grey, curled leaves, decorated with bundles of long orange-pistils. A garland-like braid of trichomes provides a fuzzy golden trim.


Secret Cookies is loaded with gasoline and mint flavors, with those spicy-kush notes we’ve grown to love.


This balanced-hybrid is reported to offer a smooth and relaxing, but not overwhelming, euphoria. Reviewers say its versatility makes it easy to consume in the morning or at night. One user felt energetic and motivated and went to the gym, while another sat on the couch and ate herself into a food coma.It wasn’t me!


Some users call Secret Cookies a “jack of all strains” that is good for many uses with the right mood and setting. If you are thinking of growing, why not get seeds that will give you twice as much? No wonder everyone seems to love those Secret Cookies.


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